Ex fans (Elektrical)

Axial fans according to EX II 2 G Eex de II B T 6

Our Ex fans are powerful turbofans which employ explosion-protected technology you can rely on. The units are distinguished by their particularly durable construction, robust technology, and a design which makes them extremely comfortable to use. The central and most important parts of our Ex fans are the Ex-protected components. Each unit is operated by a fully-sealed motor.

This seal ensures that the motor does not come into contact with flammable materials and gases – this makes our Ex fans safe and reliable units for harsh environments. Ex fans from Airclean Safety Products not only have a perfectly sealed motor, but also an antistatic housing, which conducts static electrical charges to earth.

Powerful Ex fans for explosion-protected ventilation of rooms, storage tanks, process columns and reactors, with performance from 500 m³/hr to 54,000 m³/hr

Model AC 200 Ex with quick-release coupling on tank and 7600mm antistatic air hose

anti. hose

Ex Axialventilator AC AXV 400 EX ( Auer L&L)
EX II 2 G h IIB T 4 Gb

Ex radialfan 
EX II 2 G EX h  II B T 3


Ex High performance radialfan